Booking Your Event at Westside Bowl

Please Read This Page Carefully
Booking an event in Youngstown is simple at Westside Bowl. We do not charge a room rental fee and can meet most accommodations within reason. We have a slew of amenities for performers.

Whether you are looking to book a fundraiser, concert, community event, or other type of event: we look forward to working with you. Booking agencies, independent promoters, and artists are all welcome to inquire.

Main Stage

Located Upstairs
Our Main Stage is located upstairs alongside the bowling alley. It can hold up to 700 people at full capacity. There is plenty of room for your merchandise and we do NOT take merch cuts. Fans and bands enjoy bowling, live music, and great food. Check out our full menu here.

House Sound and Light Tech Pack

  • (4) Radian RPH1594 (2 per side “flown” bi-amped)
  • (6) Radian RPS218 (aux driven subs)
  • (8) Yamaha CM 12v
  • (2) QSC PL380
  • (2) QSC PL325
  • (4) QSC PL6.0
  • (1) Ashly Protea 4.8SP system processor
  • (1) Behringer X32 (digital mixer)
  • (1) Behringer S32 (32x16 stage box)
  • (8) Tall boom stands
  • (8) Short boom stands
  • (4) Straight stands
  • (2) Shure B52
  • (6) Shure SM57
  • (8) Shure SM58
  • (4) Shure SM81
  • (4) Sennheiser e604
  • (6) Radial Pro Dl
  • (12) Martin RUSH PAR (8 DS 4 MS)
  • (1) Martin M1 (lighting console)
  • (6) Foot Lights - American DJ UB 6H
  • (15) Uplights - Venue Tetra 6
  • (3) Elation LED 36 Try-bricks
  • Down Stage & Up Stage - Martin Rush Pairs
  • Up Stage Brick Lights - Ellation Design LED 36 Tri-Brick
  • Martin Rush MH 7 Movers

Booking Information

We do not charge a room rental fee for hosting your event. For complete details, please visit our Booking page, click here.

Trophy Room

Located in the Basement
The Trophy Room is perfect for most underground gigs. Our basement has bathrooms, a full-bar, and you can order food (and we will bring it to you). There is plenty of room for your merchandise-- and we don't take any cuts!
PA Speakers, Microphones, and Mixers

PA Speakers

  • 4x QSC KW181 Subwoofer
  • 2x QSC KW152 Mains
  • 3x QSC KW122 Monitors
  • 1x JBL Wedge
  • 2x EV ELX-15p (optional)


  • (1) Shure Beta 91a
  • (1) Shure Beta 52a
  • (1) Shure SM81
  • (1) Shure Beta 57
  • (2) Shure SM57
  • (2) Audix i5
  • (3) Shure SM58
  • (2) Shure Beta 58
  • (2) Sennheiser e904
  • (2) Sennheiser e604
  • (1) Behringer x32 Compact


  • Mackie Behringer X32 Compact
  • Soundcraft GB2R
Booking Information
Underground bands have a great spot in the basement of Westside Bowl. Our Trophy Room has an underground feel, killer sound for the crowd, and everything you need to have a good time. Request to book a show in our Trophy Room, here,.

Equipment & Amenities

Venue Amenities
  • Parking, plus van and bus parking on-site
  • Green Room for talent
  • Lodging on-site with washer/dryer shower
  • Full-service kitchen
  • 2 Bars, upstairs and in the basement
  • 15 Bowling Lanes
  • Game Room
  • Lounge
Bass Backline Gear
  • Ampeg 8x10
  • PF 4x10 HLF
  • PF 1x15 LF
  • PF800 Head
  • Acoustic B300H Head
  • Peavey Headliner 4x10
  • Laney 1x15
Guitar Backline Gear
  • (2) Orange CR 120H Heads
  • Orange PPC 4x12
  • Marshal 1960A 4x12
Drums Backline Gear
  • DW Design drum kit & hardware, no cymbals
  • Yamaha Stage Custom with hardware

Booking Inquiry

Please take a look at our schedule prior to using this form. If only one event is on that day, there is the possibility that we can still book yours because we have two areas for events. We also ask that you provide as much information as possible utilizing this form. Please provide information about each band if you are booking a band or artist. This helps us with our event creation and to match good local supports when needed.